Walkin’ On Main, Cottonwood, Arizona

The display looked pretty good until the ole’ wind whipped in. I should have taken an after photo. It wasn’t pretty!

Sellin' On Main

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Not my real children. I know they are safe and sound tucked away somewhere in the mid west. I’m talking about my jewelry, silk & scarves. They are all over the country in stores and at shows. It has become impossible to keep track of them.

Grand Opening Sale

Have you heard? My fabulous website and online store became reality and it all happened so fast. I appreciate your interest in my work. Please take advantage of the free shipping offer through the December 31, 2011. Simply type in grandopening at checkout for the discount.


I’m excited to finally be launching the Cyndy Kempken website. Dan Turner provided his invaluable expertise in making this happen. He even coined the title and subtitle and I’ve grown fond of the words he used to express his impression of me and my art when he wrote, “darling designer of the Great Southwest”. A nice touch with a lot of truth. I look forward to sharing my experiences in birthing jewelry, silk and scarves from my heart and soul.