Handcarved Balinese Goddess/Spirit Pendants

Designing jewelry thrills me. Often I begin with a clear sense of direction for a piece and just as often I am steered far from my original intent. People asked me where I get the inspiration for my pieces. Truthfully, I don’t know. Sure, I have visions and dreams about my designs but when I sit down in my studio to make manifest the vision I often am led elsewhere. And clearly I am not doing the leading.

Having the amazing creations of other skilled artists makes my job as a designer and creator that much easier, and the Balinese hand carved Goddess/Spirit pendants is a perfect example.

The pendants are carved from the bone of Indonesian Water Buffalo which also have good-sized horns that are carved as well.  These animals are used in the rice fields, and are not killed for their bone or horn, they are far more useful in the rice fields.  When they  die, nothing is wasted. The bone is sterilized and bleached. The gem quality bone has a close grain, and carves smoothly taking a bright polish. The carvings are made by master artisans.

Please visit my store to purchase these intricate works of art that truly inspire and bring connection to ourselves and these four-legged beings.

“Spirit Art inspires and moves the wordless places within, that connect with the soul.  Each carving (Human form, Goddess, or Spirit Animal), has endured a great journey, both of time and distance.  Each one creates it’s own Story.”                        author unknown

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