Country Roads

I’m driving to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park to meet my daughter and her family. About a half hour into the ride I’m overtaken by a heightened sense of awareness and déjà vu. When this happens whatever is wrong in my world fades away and I am filled with awe and a sense of possibility. The sight of laundry hanging on a backyard clothesline, blooming roadside flocks, and lush greenery made brilliant by sparkling raindrops from a passing storm endear me to a place I never wanted to call home but whose beck and call overpower the fatally flawed part of me that tends to disillusionment by what it wants vs what is possible.

It was the flawed part of me that refused to acknowledge obvious contrary signals I had been receiving from a friend in California on my cross country journey to fulfill a long held dream to live on the west coast. I arrived to an empty off-the-grid house, void of most modern day conveniences like electricity, and on the edge of nowhere with a note taped to the door saying “welcome” and that I was on my own for days to come.

Though the dream evaporated quickly in the days and weeks that followed and despite the overwhelming homesickness and adaption to the wilderness in which I now resided, there was a magical envelope that contained wonders I never had seen or experienced. A tiny green frog no larger than the tip of my pinky, looking into the eyes of a praying mantis perched on my friends finger, “standing” on clouds above the mountains and ocean below as I drove to the beach, and gazing up at the tops of hundreds of ancient redwood trees all held me captive in a place that someone with more common sense would have fled from upon arrival.

to be continued. . . . .



When Cyndy Got Her Groove Back

What used to happen frequently, now happens randomly.  .  . visits from the muse that is. The other morning before arising I drifted back to a time when I practically sprung out of bed filled with new ideas and designs to paint silk scarves and to design new jewelry. It was an ah ha moment. Like a body memory of the times when your fit body rejected all but the best of food and healthy habits. Saying no, falling to temptation an instinct, not a decision. I long for my muse to reside my side.

A Moment of Fame

Long hours and hard word in a constantly changing landscape are the hallmark of being an artist and marketing and selling online and off. Choosing a venue, finding your niche and then moving forward to make it all happen are monumental tasks. I bow to those that have successfully navigated this maze and found success, including in the financial arena.

The techno jargon is head spinning. Like raising children, just when you think you have them/it figured out, change happens. Browsers, search engines and the selling venues seem to raise the bar and change SEO algorithms daily. I complain about it a lot because trying to keep up is hard, it siphons brain energy, and it takes copious amounts of valuable time.

I had a moment of “fame” on Etsy last week when one of my handmade spirit animal hairpipe choker breastplate necklaces was the featured photo for the Pow Wow Jewelry search. And it was only a moment and it didn’t bring in many new views or sales but it was a shining moment among many that aren’t.

Here is the listing link:

And here it is live:Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.26.58 AM

Here’s to more shining moment filled days!

Designer China

Events to be seen at: Indie Fest, Coachella, Sundance, Burning Man, Rainbow Gathering, Austin City Limits, Mardi Gras, Country Thunder  . . . .

Places to shop at for events to be seen at for the 99 percenters: Anthropologie, Chico’s, LuLu’s, Free People, Guess, Jones, DKNY, Michael Kors, The Kleins . . . .

Elements the stores have in common: Many China made goods using cheap man made materials that are laid to rest in third world country’s landfills transported via fossil fuel sucking ocean vessels circling the globe as witness to the consumer goods short lived life span.

Global economy – a fancy word used to describe Americans freely subsidizing global economies that are home to many less than desirable corrupt regimes, including the American corporations and political structures that profit on both ends.

Use your consumer power by choosing to support your friends, neighbors, businesses and communities that strive to be the best guardians of the earth, our natural resources and its citizens.