Hi, my name is Cyndy Kempken. I moved to the southwest almost a decade ago after living most of my life in the midwest. I started a MeetUp group based on Julia Cameron’s book called The Artist’s Way. I thought the process would reinvigorate my writing and that I would meet new people.

Until then, my creativity had consisted of flower and vegetable gardening, making art mobiles using natural elements such as pods and stones, and crafting for my home. One of the group artist dates was a trip to Quartzsite in northwestern Arizona. Once there, I couldn’t resist purchasing many different kinds of beads. The colors, textures, shapes and feel drew me in like a baby to her mother’s breast.

A few weeks later one of the women in the group offered to show me how to make a necklace. Something exploded inside of me after that. I began in earnest designing and creating all sorts of jewelry. My weekly creative group grew in numbers and I was exposed to hand painting silk scarves. Days and nights melted together. There were not enough hours in the day to bring to life the ideas that flowed through me. Not long ago I happened upon a nuno felted scarf during an internet search and fell in love again. I taught myself the craft of wet felting through experimenting and watching videos on YouTube.

Without warning my life dramatically changed and took me places inside and out that I never knew existed. Though I constantly am evolving as an artist and the mediums I work with I am forever thankful for the process and the people that had a hand in my transformation. Please take a few minutes to look around my shop and website and I invite you to leave comments and perhaps even share your story.


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