New Line of Jewelry

With the prices of gold and sterling silver skyrocketing many jewelry artists have turned to other less expensive metals. I recently discovered one such artist. Patricia Healey lives in Tucson. She designs her copper jewelry components which also are manufactured in the United States. Much work and love goes into each and every single piece and each piece is unique because it is hand-crafted. The crafting process includes a patina and coat of lacquer. This ensures that the copper component will last through the years without changing colors, oxidizing or tarnishing!

I began using her pieces in my jewelry designs several months ago and they have been flying off the shelves since. I love the simplicity and depth of her designs. She makes many different items including pendants, lockets, connector beads, bezels, and more. She has an entire line of animal pendants, lockets, and charms that can be worn and used for spiritual practices.

Check my website often as I continually am adding jewelry using her copper pieces.

’til next time. . .