Juicy, Succulent Watermelon

The other day I stopped by The Bees Knees to say hi to Julia, one of the owners, and to check on sales of my creations. While there three young Mexican girls stopped by the store pushing a baby stroller filled with fresh ripe watermelons. They were selling them for $1 each. I’m a Wisconsin girl and my taste buds know what good watermelon tastes like and its not like the genetically altered seedless imitations sold at almost every supermarket around the country.

My instincts to buy were right on. The first cut revealed a ripe, juicy, colorful, seeded watermelon. The first taste took me back to my childhood during the late summer months when there was an abundance of fresh everything sold at stands or trailers by the side of the road, including peaches, blueberries, melons, and sweet corn. They were tasty enough to bring the entire Roman army to its knees and a bargain for the pure pleasure and joy I experienced with each bite.

It’s a good thing some memories never die!