Bead Buying Extravaganza

I experienced the Tucson Bead, Gem and Mineral Show this past week for the first time. I spent three long wondrous days feeding my imagination and feasting my eyes on thousands of beads offered by vendors from around the world.

Sun Cleansing of Beads

Of course enough found their way home with me to last through the year and they are worth every sore muscle,  aching bone, and abbreviated nights slumber.  The African Art Village gave me an opportunity to purchase African beads made from various materials to use for my line of native/tribal jewelry. A magnificent hand painted goat skinned sconce shade also is now in my possession as well as a large hand painted tribal gown that will make unique purses and

Fabric from a vendor at the African Art Village in Tucson

pouches. I found venetian glass beads, some were hand blown. Several shanks of czech glass beads in lemon, melon, lime and ocean blues called to me as well as heat-treated copper pendants, connectors and assorted beads. Nyame Adom Foundation of America, which means “By the Grace of God” in the Twi language of Ghana, is a non-profit charity, that offers recycled glass beads from a village in Ghana. One hundred percent of the profits go back to Ghana to support an orphanage.  NAFofAvolunteers perform the sales, shipping and handling of the glass beads. Visit the organizations websites for information and to support artists in Ghana. and

Recycled Glass Beads made by artisans in Ghana

In the coming days I plan to begin designing and creating jewelry from my Tucson purchases. Please visit my shop often for the latest pieces.