Upcycled, Vintage, Destash Yard Art

First Gate Art-3

Strands of Yummy
Spring Color

When I began creating jewelry it was a labor of love but it quickly turned into a part-time job when my creations began filling every nook and cranny in my townhouse. Most importantly, I realized that I needed to sell my art so that I could make more. As addictions go jewelry making is fairly benign and I was thrilled that I had stumbled upon an activity that needed no motivational coaxing. I was in.

First Gate Art-1

Lemon Lime Delight

After I realized that I needed to sell my art it became apparent that selling took more time and energy than creating. It also demanded that I find my niche, online and/or off, which meant many more hours of research and networking. It also meant deciding if my creations would be assembly line productions or one-of-a-kind pieces (fondly referred to as OOAK). Of course it turns out that my buyers determine demand and making several of a popular piece has peacefully found its place along side the OOAK pieces.

First Gate Art-2


Stagnation is the death of an artist and his/her work and luckily I love the challenge of incorporating castaways into my pieces, be it a bead, button, broken earring or brooch. Imagining keeps me on my toes and takes me and my art to unexpected places. I love that.

First Gate Art-4I now introduce my latest endeavor – Upcycled, Vintage, Destash Yard/Gate/Fence Art. I use beads long ago pushed to the back of the drawer (destash), treasures from thrift store, vintage jewelry, beach combing treasures, and colorful and interesting products from craft stores. Anything is fair game.

I jokingly tell my friends that each time I create a piece of jewelry or paint a silk scarf I fall madly in love with it until I make the next piece and fall in love all over again. This truly is the pure satisfaction of the act of creation and not a critique of my artistic skills.

I still continually marvel at the brightly colored citrus slices of oranges, lemons and limes that are the backbone of many of the gate art pieces. They make me smile and feel happy whenever I look at them. I hope you experience the kind of joy that puts a smile on your face every day in your life. There is nothing like it.First Gate Art-5

Visit my online store to purchase and check back regularly for the latest addictions, oops, additions!


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