. . . from my musing

It seems my almost non existent posts are about my delinquency in posting to my blog on a regular basis. Luckily,  I manage to do the most important things that keep my Etsy stores alive and kicking. And since returning to the mid-west, that also means making my grandchildren a priority. I have a lot of catching up to do since I’ve been living in the southwest away from them for more than ten years.

After more than 3 years of selling online my only words of wisdom are that everything changes, and at times, almost daily. There have been monumental changes at Etsy as the company worked on positioning itself to be purchased and instead went public.

Website redesign and algorithm meddling make for a constant challenge in trying to maintain and improve stats and sales. Etsy now also allows manufactured items to be sold, going so far as helping to connect designers with manufacturers.

I occasionally read the Etsy forums and recently gleamed one profound insight that is spurring me to focus on building my name recognition. The ex-Etsy seller mentioned that in the hodgepodge of the millions of Etsy sellers that most buyers can only respond with the answer “Etsy” when asked where they purchased something. They rarely able to recall the actual store or seller’s name. I am guilty as charged even though I frequently make purchases on the Etsy website.

My new battle cry has become “build name recognition” and in my spare time I continue to try and carve out a niche for myself and challenge myself creatively.

I’d love to hear from you and be sure to stop by my Etsy stores. . . I’ll leave the light on!