Sleeper Cells

I’ve spent decades doing my personal work and dealing with past baggage when it comes up. What I recently came to realize is that old memories are like sleeper cells. They lay dormant until triggered by related or seemingly random events. Sometimes the connection to the past and its healing is instantaneous, other times not so much.

What I’m longing for now is for my marketing and advertising sleeper cells to reveal themselves fully and completely. In conjunction to summoning these cells to duty, I’ve begun in earnest following the principles outlined in Dan Turner’s e-book for artists called “7 Keys to Selling Art Online.” I also intend to find a mentor and coach to help me set and achieve my long and short term goals.

And not wanting to leave anything to chance I pray that the force of the God’s be with me so that I may swiftly move the pendulum from random online sales to over the top online sales. I’ll keep you apprised of my progress.